Wealth out of waste


Art club of chubby cheeks spring Valley High school organized Interclass Wealth out of waste competition on 19th  July for the academic year 2023-24. The topics for the competition were, Group 1 “stationary Holder” and for Group 2 it was “Human Organ Making” out of waste materials.  The students enthusiastically took part in the competition and over all there was a good response.  

The winners of the competition were as follows:

Group 1: V – VII

Stationary Holder Making

1 Aradhya Chowkekar-VI C yellow  house

2 Shreeyashi Phadte- VI B- Blue house

3 Akshita Chaudan – VI A- Green House

Group 2: VIII -X

Human organ Model Making

1 Jonathan Fernandes X A-Blue house

2 Rutva Gawas VIII C -Yellow house

3 Anushka Nagvekar IX C- Blue house

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